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Disney Inderst inde - Bing Bong


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There's no one quite like Bing Bong from Disney Pixar's Major Emotion Picture, Inside Out. He's the friend Riley dreamt up when she was a little girl. Part cat, part dolphin, but mostly pink elephant, now Bing Bong can fire your imagination, too. Looking like he's made of candy floss wrapped around a nougat-y centre, he's fun even when he's sad. As 11-year-old Riley Anderson moves with her parents from America's Midwest to San Francisco, it's a time of great upheaval.

A new home, new friends - it's a lot to take in. Add fun-loving Bing Bong to Riley's collection of conflicting emotions - Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. Press Bing Bong's tummy for all sorts of surprises: you'll hear movie sounds, he'll sing the Bing Bong song and even cry candy tears. These loveable and cuddly feature dolls are made of the softest plush to make you feel warm and snug inside, yet they're made to last - much like Riley's long term memories. (They're even surface washable.) Collect them all. They're here and they're all inside your head This Disney Pixar Inside Out I Cry Candy 12 Inch Bing Bong Plush Electronic Toy Figure is For ages 4 years and over


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